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Amalfi - Positano
full-day tour



~7 hours


24.5 Km
15.2 Miles











Discounted rates are valid for clients booking in advance only
Clients without a reservation will pay the full price

Lido Delle Sirene Beach

10:30 am

1-3 people    ̶€̶ ̶1̶6̶9̶   € 159 per person

4-6 people    ̶€̶ ̶1̶5̶9̶   € 149 per person

7+ people     ̶€̶ ̶1̶4̶9̶   € 139 per person

Participants under 18 (13-17) are entitled to a further discount of € 5



(Click to zoom in)

Arch of Lovers - Amalfi Kayak, Italy
Sofia Loren Villa - Amalfi Kayak
Conca Dei Marini bay- Amalfi Kayak
Saraceno Castle - Amalfi Kayak Italy
Ruochetiello Grotto - Amalfi Kayak
Ruochetiello Grotto - Amalfi Kayak
Conca dei Marini cape - Amalfi Kayak
Furore Fjord - Amalfi Kayak, Italy
Furore Fjord - Amalfi Kayak, Italy
Africana Grotto - Amalfi Kayak,Italy
Torre di Grado, Praiano
Positano - Amalfi Kayak, Italy
Conca dei Marini cape - Amalfi Kayak
Sunset in Conca - Amalfi Kayak


English speaking local guides and instructors

Introductory lesson

All the necessary equipment (check Equipment page for more info)

kayaks, paddles, life jackets, waterproof jackets, watertight bags, snorkeling equipment, hats, drying towels.

HQ photo service

photos will be sent by email once the tour is ended.

Bottled water


fresh fruit, biscuits.

Picnic lunch

with typical products of Amalfi Coast and Campania.


changing rooms, restrooms, luggage storage.

Available at the beach (not included)

Restaurant and Bar (check Restaurant page)

Lido Degli Artisti 0 Km fresh seafood restaurant and bar (high season only).

Sunbeds and umbrellas




Once we have put on our life jackets and adjusted the footrests on our kayaks we will be ready to set off to the west towards Positano.

For those who have never been in a kayak there will be a short introductory lesson on how to kayak and safety at sea.

The route will take us along Amalfi’s finest beaches as well as close to natural rock arches and into sea caves, giving us the opportunity to admire the old watch towers that dot the entire length of this coast.

We will pause at beaches reachable only by sea and have time to go snorkeling or swimming in crystal-clear waters.

Not too far from the starting point, once passed Duoglio and Santa Croce beaches, we will kayak by the "Arc of Lovers", a natural rock arch created millions of years ago by the erosion of the sea whose shape recalls two elephants in the act of kissing. Up to not too long ago young couples used to get married on the top of it.


A little later we will paddle in front of the ancient fishermen village of Conca dei Marini, passing near the villa of Sophia Loren and seeing the historic hotel “Il Saraceno” located on La Vite Beach.

From here we will also have a stunning view of the Santa Rosa Monastery, a former convent now converted into a luxury hotel, once home of the Dominican nuns.
It's right in the kitchens of this monastery that the delicious "
Sfogliatella Santa Rosa" was born, a shell-shaped pastry filled with ricotta cheese-based cream and little dried fruit pieces, typical of the local culinary tradition (don't forget to taste it before leaving!).


Once past the seaside of Conca dei Marini we will enter its western basin, where we will have a breathtaking view of Furore and Praiano villages and the islands of Li Galli and Capri, together with the well-known Faraglioni Rocks.


Further inside this basin we will find and visit the little Runghetiello Grotto, a picturesque natural sea cave named after a local fish, brightly frescoed in red and green by the minerals on its walls.

Then we will reach the famous Furore Fjord, where we will disembark for a short visit on foot. This is the only natural Fjord in Italy, where the annual international diving competition "MarMeeting" takes place in July: professional divers from around the world compete by jumping from the top of the bridge which is 28 meters high.

Paddling little farther onward to the village of Praiano we will be able to visit another huge sea cave full of stalactites, the Africana Grotto, where the water has a distinctive blue color thanks to the unique refraction of light.

Finally we will go round Capo Sottile and continue to paddle inshore through a tunnel in the rock. Here the shallow waters and the sunlight will give us the opportunity to admire the beautiful seabed that continues to Positano, where we will disembark and have lunch.

On our way back to Amalfi we will stop at the beaches that we skipped on the way to Positano, thus concluding an intense day at sea.

What to bring

What to bring

Recommended items

  • Sun screen (highly recommended)

  • Change of dry clothes 

  • Towel

Recommended attire

  • Bathing suit

  • Light-colored t-shirt (for protection against the sun and preferably made of Lycra)

  • Shoes suitable for water such as water shoes for kayaking or rubber shoes.
    Flip-flops work fine as well.

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses with safety cord

  • Sailing or mountain-biking gloves (if protection for hands is needed)



  • In order to participate to the tour all the participants must be able to swim and be in good health and shape (people with medical conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc. that affect sport activities cannot participate for safety reasons).

  • Each minor (18-) must be accompanied by one adult (18+) which will be paired with in a double kayak.

Important notes

Important notes

  • All the participants will be given double kayaks which are very stable and easy to manage. In case of groups with an odd number of participants, a single kayak will be provided.

  • All tours are intended as group tours. For private tours please contact us.

  • On the day of the tour all clients will have to show an identity document.

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